Nonni books

At Skipalón and Sunny days
Author Jón Sveinsson

Two of Nonni´s books in English are now available in Nonni museum. The story “Skipalón” is one of Nonni´s  most popular books. Nonni, who was only seven years old, was on his way to the farm Skipalón with his friend Baldur and farm servant Gudmundur when they met two polar bears and the situation grew very dangerous.


At Skipalón was first published in 2002. The book is only sold in Nonnahús and in 2006 the second printing was published.

Price: 2.000kr.




 Sunny days was published in 2006 and is only sold in Nonnahús.

Price: 2.000kr.

The publication of these books was made possible by Theodore R. Beck.
In the following Mr. Beck describes how this project came about:
”In recent visits to Nonnahús, Nonni's childhood home in Akureyri, now a museum in his honor, I learned that a nun had translated eight of his books from the original German into English.  These typewritten drafts in loose leaf notebooks had been in Nonnahús for over 40 years unpublished.  The women of the Zonta Club who manage Nonnahús had considered publication, but a large press run in Iceland was beyond their means.  I made an agreement with the Zonta Club to publish at least one of the books through a desktop publisher if I could have the eight manuscripts copied in Akureyri for my use.  My interest was that Nonni was a fairly close relative”.




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